Global Race to Beat Heart Failure

Global Race to Beat Heart Failure



  • £35.2K Target
  • £13.1K Raised
  • 629 Donors
  • 515 Fundraisers
  • Event date Sat 20th Mar 2021 - Sat 19th Mar 2022
  • Location Pumping Marvellous Foundation, Suite 111, Business First, Millennium City Road
    PR2 5BL
    United Kingdom
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Welcome back to our platform for the Global Race to Beat Heart Failure!

Our virtual Global Race around the world for Heart Failure Awareness is complete!

It's another world first for our Heart Failure charity and what a marvellous way to help us all stay active over the past 12 months, whilst raising awareness of Heart Failure!

Over 500 supporters joined us to complere 146,074 marvellous, man-powered miles !

If you're back to add your last minute activities, make updates or check on progress, click here to log in to your participant dashboard or find your team listed towards the bottom of this page.

Our Special fundraising award packs will be making there way to everyone in the UK who personally raised over £200 for the charity.


Race Highlights

PRESTON: WE'VE MADE IT!! After 163 days of exceptional, man-powered, forward motion, we are thrilled to tell you that together we have arrived triumphantly on home turf in half the time!

We've checked in at our charity's Preston HQ, The Pumping Marvellous – our final and favourite race destination, with every step a historic victory for heart failure awareness! While historic Preston harbours fun facts most towns can only dream of (longest line of red telephone boxes, first KFC, and the home of Butch Cassidy's Lancashire accent), we'd prefer to focus on our home-grown, patient-led, heart failure charity, of national relevance. With a whopping 96,749 miles (193,498,000 steps) already under your belts, it's the perfect time to tally your targets, and rally your team's potential fundraisers!


Why Supporters Took Part?

Heart failure impacts up to 1,000,000 people in the UK, over 6 million in the US, 15 million in Europe, and approximately 64 million globally.

It is an endemic event of significant proportion across our societies. Yet, most people don't know about it or haven't heard of it. You will be taking part in an event of epic proportion, the largest collection of people who have ever got together to collectively raise heart failure awareness and to be champions for the patient community and their families.


Keep in Touch

Please keep checking back here for our latest updates and stay in touch with us on social media. we look forward to hearing all about your progress, so please share your virtual travel highlights and stories with us along the routefrom your challenges!


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